We bring a different perspective to the game

The way we see it, “The stage for the future is set and there are a myriad of instruments to play”

We are here to find “the artists”

We believe that innovation through business models will pave the way to both exciting and promising futures. 

Our methodology will lead the way to leveraging technological solutions to support new ventures globally with an outreach to the Asian markets. We are committed to back early transformational ventures with people and ideas that have the potential to do great things. Our team is here to partner with visionary entrepreneurs that are ready to do whatever it takes for a better tomorrow.

Business Model Innovations
Go-to-Market Strategies

Our Expertise

SoundTrac’s core team brings a wealth of knowledge across various global institutions, from specialised boutiques and startups to multinational corporations. With a combined experience of over 40 years in senior management in startup ventures, financial services, and multinational corporations, we have a proven track record for establishing and scaling new ventures, raising capital, M&A and private equity, with expertise on investment fund structuring, regulation, and compliance.

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