SoundTrac Ventures


An undeniable trend

SoundTrac Ventures is here to back the next generation of innovative ventures that will thrive in this inevitable future.


What do we look for?

Early stage ventures and entrepreneurs with new concepts that utilise business model innovations to tackle the many challenges created by Scarcity.



Our research tracks a unique set of mega trends to discover global ventures and concepts that have a direct and mid-term application to the industries and society across the Asian markets.


Why SoundTrac?

We are different. We bring an unrivalled blend of experience and expertise, along with a dual approach to back and scale novel concepts.



SoundTrac is focused on tackling Scarcity through the lens of what we call the 3Ps – People, Places, and Provisions.


The continued growth and ageing of the global population creating ever greater needs


The reduction and displacement of land usable for habitation and production


The need to reinvent how we can sustainably produce and deliver resources

Our Focus

The need for a new perspective to existing models to scale and forge new possibilities

SoundTrac Ventures is a vision-driven firm that focuses on early stage businesses with a mid-to-long term application to Asia markets, specialising on business model innovation and ecosystem development

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